Christmas photos, lighting, and other issues

My friend Viv shared a link to this really cool Christmas photo idea.

Basically, you get some Christmas lights, hang them up the background and take a picture of someone cute so that the lights make this lovely bokeh background to the picture.

Very fun idea and the example pictures are too cute.  So I thought I might experiment with it this weekend. Except then I realized that a) most of the walls in my apartment are dark and it’s winter and I am practically living in complete darkness at the moment and b) my Christmas lights are the normal ones with the green cord, NOT the ones with the pretty white cord  that would blend in nicely with a light background.  GRR.

Out of curiosity, I tried the set-up with a dark background and minimal light (as I’m still too insecure with my flash to use it).  Also, I had no volunteers to help me so I used a stuffed Santa Claus as my vicitm.

Here’s the original SOOC.  What I didn’t notice at the time was that Santa’s beard was dirty since my dog had been dragging him around the house. :-(  My focus was off- I was trying to keep my aperture as open as possible and was so focused on getting the bokeh on the Christmas lights right that I entirely neglected to check whether Santa was in focus or not.


Here’s the edited version.  I cloned in some more lights in Photoshop and tried to use the “healing brush” to get the crud out of  Santa’s beard.   All in all, I very much prefer the lighter background pictures as shown in the link above.  But there you go.

4 thoughts on “Christmas photos, lighting, and other issues

  1. Vicki

    Oh, I think it turned out wonderful! I like the dark background. And couldn’t we think of the black things in Santa’s beard as cookie crumbs??? But your cloning turned out perfect!

  2. Jenny L Post author

    I wish I’d thought of the cookie crumb thing before I openly admitted my floor is that dirty. :-/ The cloning worked pretty well, didn’t it?


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